Official Documentation

All party members, guests and visitors were required to carry documentation at all times. The Ministry provided all the documentation, various request forms and information cards that would be required for this event. These can be seen here.

Official Identity Card and Ministry stationery

Above: Examples of the Identity card that was issued to all party members and guests prior the party

Inside the Identity Card booklet, aprty members were advised on the location and reason for their attendance

Both Dave and Cherryl were sent an identity card each. Along with their personalised cards they also received their own documentation, giving them only as much information as they needed to be able to prepare for the party.
Dave was promptly enlisted into the RAF as an officer and Cherryl was given the task of creating a wedding dress for herself from fabric purchased using a ration card. The rules allowed her to use second hand dresses and fabric, the use of new fabric however was strictly rationed and policed.

Above: Dave's enlistment papers for the Royal Air Force. After enlistment Dave was promptly promoted to the rank of Air Vice-Marshal of the RNZAF.

Above: Cherryl was given the task of making her wedding dress. She was issued with a ration card that she could use at Global Fabrics in Wellington to create a dress under the strict guidelines of the Ministry. She was to present this card to the shop staff, who would then date stamp and initial it as proof the she was obeying the rules.

Here is a copy of the letter that all party guests were sent with their identity cards. Dave and Cherryl were the only people not to receive this letter

Entertainment was provided on the evening by the Ministry, so for this to happen a Band Requisition form was sent out to the quartet "Noir", which was promptly followed up.  

Above: A copy of the form sent out to Noir prior to the event

The Ministry received notice from Cherryl only two weeks out form the party event that she was requesting the use of a bridesmaid. Ministry officials, using their might as a weighty government department, quickly requisitioned a second ration card so that she could create a bridesmaid dress in time for the party.
The second card was also bound by the Ministry's strict rules on new purchases.

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