Friday, September 28, 2012

40 Years of Loyal Service

The Documentation found here on this blog has been released by MoUT under strict security guidelines.

This blog has been put together by MoUT as a record of the celebrations for Dave & Cherryl's 40th wedding anniversary which were celebrated at the Breaker Bay Hall on the 15th September 2012.

Record of events:

The decision was made on the 24th August that celebrations for this event were to be held within the timeframe of the 1940's, specifically encompassing an air force theme. For this decision to manifest into a plan, the formation of the Ministry of Uncertain Things (MoUT) was needed. This was promptly formed two days later. A secondary arm of this ministry was then formed to organize and oversee all party matters.

Reasons for the selected time period for this celebration were discussed at length, between various departments, arms and legs of the Ministry and numerous members of the board, pen pushers, paper stampers, red tape administrators and whoever was in the room at the time. It was finally agreed that this period was appropriate for 2 reasons:

1. The idea of a 40's theme fitted perfectly with the number 40. Ideal for a 40th celebration.

2. The second world war played an important roll in Dave and Cherryl crossing paths here in New Zealand. Both came from English families who, along with many other post war families, felt a need to look abroad to the colonies for a new start, far from the war torn cities of Europe. Both Dave and Cherryl arrived in New Zealand at a young age with their families, seeking a new promising future. So it was here that they both met, beginning their own journey, building new relationships and setting down the roots that would establish their own lives and friendships here as New Zealanders.
Cherryl's recent family history also followed a strong Air Force lineage. Her father serving as a "MUG" Middle Upper Gunner on Lancaster Bombers during the war (with 463 Squ) and with two of her siblings following those footsteps into the Air Force here in NZ.
The very essence of world war two combined with a strong Air force lineage was instrumental in their meeting here in New Zealand. The 1940's saw the true beginnings of their future together, so it was thought fitting that this should be where we return, to celebrate this milestone.

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