Friday, September 28, 2012

Let the party begin!

Once Air Vice-Marshal Marriott and his bride concluded their official duties, they found the opportunity to relax, welcome arriving guests and mingle, speaking to old friends and family members.

Air Vice-Marsh Marriott speaking with Resistance operatives and Leftenant Colonel Rivers

Refreshments and food were arranged by the Ministry's catering devision

While the party goers enjoyed the celebrations, the occasional "Air Raid" could be heard over the music coming from the old wireless. A reminder that the war was still waging outside the comfort of the dance hall.

Here we have the future of the Empire! God help us all!!

The Resistance showed support with two of its members surfacing from hiding to make the event.

The Entertainments arm of the Ministry provided live music from local jazz and swing band "Noir"

It is with great regret that the Ministry acknowledges a laps in security. This jumpy little fellow was found hitting on anything in a skirt, luckily the Highland devision were on active duties so this little Yank had to make do with just the ladies.

Bloody jumpy little Yanky, that's my wife!!!

There he is again! Typical Yank, all wind with no content, although he was spotted trying to pass on his content to many of the resistance girls!

"Air Raid!!! All the ladies should hide with me under this desk, boys you are on your own!"

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