Friday, September 28, 2012

40 Years of Loyal Service

The Documentation found here on this blog has been released by MoUT under strict security guidelines.

This blog has been put together by MoUT as a record of the celebrations for Dave & Cherryl's 40th wedding anniversary which were celebrated at the Breaker Bay Hall on the 15th September 2012.

Record of events:

The decision was made on the 24th August that celebrations for this event were to be held within the timeframe of the 1940's, specifically encompassing an air force theme. For this decision to manifest into a plan, the formation of the Ministry of Uncertain Things (MoUT) was needed. This was promptly formed two days later. A secondary arm of this ministry was then formed to organize and oversee all party matters.

Reasons for the selected time period for this celebration were discussed at length, between various departments, arms and legs of the Ministry and numerous members of the board, pen pushers, paper stampers, red tape administrators and whoever was in the room at the time. It was finally agreed that this period was appropriate for 2 reasons:

1. The idea of a 40's theme fitted perfectly with the number 40. Ideal for a 40th celebration.

2. The second world war played an important roll in Dave and Cherryl crossing paths here in New Zealand. Both came from English families who, along with many other post war families, felt a need to look abroad to the colonies for a new start, far from the war torn cities of Europe. Both Dave and Cherryl arrived in New Zealand at a young age with their families, seeking a new promising future. So it was here that they both met, beginning their own journey, building new relationships and setting down the roots that would establish their own lives and friendships here as New Zealanders.
Cherryl's recent family history also followed a strong Air Force lineage. Her father serving as a "MUG" Middle Upper Gunner on Lancaster Bombers during the war (with 463 Squ) and with two of her siblings following those footsteps into the Air Force here in NZ.
The very essence of world war two combined with a strong Air force lineage was instrumental in their meeting here in New Zealand. The 1940's saw the true beginnings of their future together, so it was thought fitting that this should be where we return, to celebrate this milestone.

Party Venue

The Breaker Bay Hall location was chosen for it's primary defensive position, it's ability to comfortably seat all the guests and price. The Ministry sent a team of "celebrations administrators" to the secret location to take control of party decorations, refreshments and entertainment. The results can be seen below, pre-party nonsense.

Music from the latest 1940's hits was played via the wireless, creating a pleasant atmosphere for party guests. Atop the piano were photographs of the weddings of family and friends, recognizing the potential that we all have to reach 40 years together.

Provision of this Ministry Operations Desk was made available for party guests use

The arrival of guests

The happy couple arrived at the Breaker Bay Dance Hall where a handful of guests had already gathered to greet them. After posing for the Official photographs with Press and Ministry photographers on location around the Peninsular, the couple took time to read transcripts of telegrams sent from some of the Ministry's operatives on active service.


At the party venue, provision was made for party members to leave messages using the Ministry's official top of the line, no expense spared automatic administrative operations desk.

This was also the location of telegrams that had been sent from those who, for whatever reason, were unable to attend the main party event. (many of our party members are active in special operations or are  underground resistance operatives, troops on active service or have found themselves in a sticky situation with Gerry and his Nazi friends)
Copies of the transcripts from these agents can be seen below, along with a transcript of the messages left at the official message centre on the night.

The Ministry's official messaging operations desk

Air Vice Marshal Marriott and his bride reading telegrams

Let the party begin!

Once Air Vice-Marshal Marriott and his bride concluded their official duties, they found the opportunity to relax, welcome arriving guests and mingle, speaking to old friends and family members.

Air Vice-Marsh Marriott speaking with Resistance operatives and Leftenant Colonel Rivers

Refreshments and food were arranged by the Ministry's catering devision

While the party goers enjoyed the celebrations, the occasional "Air Raid" could be heard over the music coming from the old wireless. A reminder that the war was still waging outside the comfort of the dance hall.

Here we have the future of the Empire! God help us all!!

The Resistance showed support with two of its members surfacing from hiding to make the event.

The Entertainments arm of the Ministry provided live music from local jazz and swing band "Noir"

It is with great regret that the Ministry acknowledges a laps in security. This jumpy little fellow was found hitting on anything in a skirt, luckily the Highland devision were on active duties so this little Yank had to make do with just the ladies.

Bloody jumpy little Yanky, that's my wife!!!

There he is again! Typical Yank, all wind with no content, although he was spotted trying to pass on his content to many of the resistance girls!

"Air Raid!!! All the ladies should hide with me under this desk, boys you are on your own!"

Pathé News

While celebrations were the main focus of the Breaker Bay Dance Hall, the Ministry reminded party goers that there was still a war on by taking this opportunity to show a British Pathé News reel that had been sent by the European arm of the Ministry's propaganda department.
Party members were shown a news reel from the European front and of cause coverage of news from the home front in NewZealand.

This News Reel can be viewed here.

Guests of Honour and party members watching the Pathé News Reel with interest

Award for Long Service, 40 years!

After a brief informational film sent over from the British arm of the Ministry, Wing Commander Buckley lead the official duties of the Ministry by announcing the award of a Long Service Medal to both Air Vice-Marshal Marriott and his Bride Cherryl.
The Medal was established by the Ministry to honour those party members who had served their country by working together through adversity and strife and who had come through stronger in their hearts and minds.
David and Cherryl were the first couple to receive this honour from the Ministry (and the last since the ministry was dissolved shorty after the awards ceremony).

The Long Service Medal, as presented to David and Cherryl

The Certificate for Long Service, awarded on behalf of Sir Alan Lascelles (Secretary to the King), by representatives of the Ministry of Uncertain Things

Wing Commander Buckley and his wife Mrs tanya Buckley Marriott awarding the Long Service Certificate

A very proud moment indeed!

"Jolly good show, what!"

Next, Mrs Tanya Buckley Marriott presents the couple with their Long Service medals.

A joyous moment indeed!

Party members listen with pleasure as the couple thank those who have made their journey more enjoyable for knowing them.

Air Vice-Marshal, "Blah blah blah blah!" No actually he did say "I love you gal", the first time in 40 years he admitted.