Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Official Photos (Outside the Bunker)

After posing for official photographs at the Ministry Headquarters, Air Vice-Marshal Marriott and his new bride arrived at the Ministry's secret bunker to inspect the troops and pose for more photos.

The Air Vice-Marshal sighting munitions 

"I think it's time to inspect the big guns Sir"

"Well, everything seems to be in order here Sir"

Fooling around

"I think that civilian has just spotted a Gerry plane"

Cherryl's Bridesmaid and her fancy man


"Oh la laaaa"

The Marriott Family

The Marriott Family, joined by Wing Commander Buckley

Inspection time

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Son

Wing Commander Buckley & Flying Ace Marriott

Post operation debrief 

"So you see sir, Gerry never stood a chance!"

"Well done Captain Marriott! I'll see you get a medal for this"

Wing Commander Buckley and his wife

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  1. What a wonderful and clever tribute!
    Well done!