Friday, September 28, 2012

Award for Long Service, 40 years!

After a brief informational film sent over from the British arm of the Ministry, Wing Commander Buckley lead the official duties of the Ministry by announcing the award of a Long Service Medal to both Air Vice-Marshal Marriott and his Bride Cherryl.
The Medal was established by the Ministry to honour those party members who had served their country by working together through adversity and strife and who had come through stronger in their hearts and minds.
David and Cherryl were the first couple to receive this honour from the Ministry (and the last since the ministry was dissolved shorty after the awards ceremony).

The Long Service Medal, as presented to David and Cherryl

The Certificate for Long Service, awarded on behalf of Sir Alan Lascelles (Secretary to the King), by representatives of the Ministry of Uncertain Things

Wing Commander Buckley and his wife Mrs tanya Buckley Marriott awarding the Long Service Certificate

A very proud moment indeed!

"Jolly good show, what!"

Next, Mrs Tanya Buckley Marriott presents the couple with their Long Service medals.

A joyous moment indeed!

Party members listen with pleasure as the couple thank those who have made their journey more enjoyable for knowing them.

Air Vice-Marshal, "Blah blah blah blah!" No actually he did say "I love you gal", the first time in 40 years he admitted.

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