After the Ministry Closed, nearly all evidence attaining to it's existence was lost in the archiving blunder of late 1943.
However some archive material does surface from time to time, lost papers, photographs and transcripts and this material can be found here.

A rare photograph of Air Vice-Marshal Marriott in 1945.

The photo shown above is rare evidence that leads to conspiracy theorists pointing toward possible corruptions within the high ranking Ministry Arm from late 1943-45. It was always thought that Air Vice-Marshal Marriott was demoted in the accountancy scandal in early 43, leading to his re-posting to a minor devision of the paper clip sorting offices in Thames.
Could this photo prove that he was simply moved to a new desk job higher up the chain?

Flying tips from Gp Capt. Buckley

Cutting the cake, the morning after at breakfast with family at Scorching Bay

Post party breakfast at Scorching Bay

Scorching Bay, Wellington, the possible burial place of destroyed Ministry papers

The abandoned offices of the Ministry after the 1943 scandal

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